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Tools in My Toolbox - FPP Add-on

Tools in My Toolbox - FPP Welcome to Tools In My Toolbox FPP you can read about the other tools in these prior posts on Foundation Paper Piecing Tools: In The Boon Docks: Foundation Paper Piecing - Why The Tools In The Boon Docks: Tools In My Toolbox - FPP Today's tool is something you may already have in your home. After reading Melissa's of Ms Midge tutorial on block #13 Belle The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew Along - #13 Belle - Paper Piecing Y Seams! I recommend you read her tutorial if you are going to do any FPP. In Melissa's tutorial she recommends " The best tip I can give you for paper piecing is to rip the paper off the seams you will be joining as you go. This will reduce the bulk in the block at the end, and in this case – will allow you to continue with your Y seam much easier." I discovered I wasn't done with tools. When trying to remove the paper from the back on the seams on a FPP, I found my fingers are just to big, no fingerna