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SMS Giveaway Winner

  The Winner is??? I'd like to thank everyone who entered! I used to pick! Congratulations! Pam you win! Pam blogs at A New Life in Wales who said she follows on gfc! Thank you for following Pam! I'll send you an email for your address in Wales! I hope you enjoy your winnings in the New Year! I'd like to thank Aurifil Italian Threads | Perfectly suited for every quilt project for donating the 50 wt and 12 wt threads. Also, Colonial Needle needlework, notions, canvas, threads and supplies for donating the Thimblepads for the giveaway! Did you know I am a blogger for Aurifil Italian Threads | Bloggers ? You can stop by the webpage and checkout all the Aurifil Bloggers! I am proud to be included with such a talented group working with the best threads. Thank you for stopping by today! It is almost time for presents! Lisa   Create and be unique - Lisa