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I called Designer Tula Pink

I did something fun yesterday,do you wanna know what I did. As you know, I live in the boon docks, WV, not a place normally Tula would come for a book signing. Yesterday, I read she would be at a certain quilt shop signing books. I called the store in the midwest and talked to her very nice mother, who was with Tula. I did ask her if Tula Pink was her real name and she told me yes. She asked me to hang on, next thing I know I am speaking to Tula herself. She laughed when I told her I was in WV and wanted to have her sign her new book for me. She said sure thing, she'd put it in the mail today. I cannot wait, it has really great patterns in it I hear. I was so excited I bought some Prince Charming fabrics, so I would be ready when it arrives. She is a very talented designer and very nice. Look for her at Tula Pink (click on tula's name and go there).