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Patchwork Threads Sweatshirts

I have thought about stopping and writing about twenty times then something else happens and I am off in another direction. One thing I wanted to tell you about was Massdrop I have wanted a Patchwork Threads Simply Put Sweatshirt Forever and Massdrop has a drop for one of (4) different sweatshirts from Patchwork Threads for $38.99 instead of $49.00 plus shipping (Massdrop has free shipping)! This is the one I ordered! Been looking at it for about a year! Finally I am getting one for Mother's Day! Only it will come in June, which is fine since I already waited a year for it. If you are not signed up for Massdrop Please copy and paste this code into your Internet Browser Window When you signup it will let them know I sent you! This is not a paid promotion! I use Massdrop myself. We have had lots of family in and out of our house in the last few weeks so it is a little crazy. Another night of Tinkerbell for me! Things will settle down soon! Than