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Catch Up with In The Boon Docks

My Sew Together Bag more about it  this bag here Extra long Strap Quilt for a Foster Child one of a local family! Blocks from a free  Craftsy  class years ago, I learned a lot.  You see my first hexagons I ever made. Beautiful baby will always have a quilt. Woppet Buckets - I love this pattern and just keep making more! Clever Woppet on Instagram -  Anna Cunningham  These first (2) I made for out bathroom to hold our toiletries! This one was for the #woppetbucketswap Swapped this one for Luke Hayes’ birthday!  I got some great ornaments in return! The first one was for the #sugarplumswap!  I really recommend the pattern! Simple, versatile, and useful! The (2) stockings where fun! I’d like to make a few more if I get the time! Christmas Stockings Quilted Notions Pouch - love it but it has a lot of hand sewing! I changed the pattern a bit by sewing the zipper in with my sewing machine! Working on Halloween Couch Pillows for next year. There is more and I will try to post it this week!  I

Backyard Baby, Kona Solids, and Show and Tell

I just love the Backyard Baby fabric line by designer Patty Sloniger. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for David Platt's Quilt, born January 31, 2012 to our family. But when it arrived I did not want to cut it because I was AFRAID. Have you ever had that happen? I needed a pattern or something to make sure I didn't mess up. I looked at it for days planning. What to do and how to do it. I had a visual of what I wanted, but not how I would lay it out. So this is what I did. Do you like it? I have to take it to my friend, Irene, to quilt it for me. Why? Because I don't know how YET. I love it! Hope you do to. During the creative process, I found Kona Solid fabrics by Robert Kaufman, the fabrics are vibrant, have that designer feel and looks beautiful with any print. It is sold all over the internet and at Jo-Ann's. I am so happy, because surprise I am a coupon cutter, so Jo-ann's is one of my favorite places to shop with a 40% off coupon. Yipee!

Busy, Busy Week - Sewing

Wow, what a week with the Fugly Fabric Giveaways and Swaps . I made 3 trips to the post office but did not buy any fabric. I held my first giveaways and chose to winners - Richard and Lorelei. I won 2 giveaways myself (it is so exciting). I will show what I won, when they get here. I swapped the extra Fugly fabric I had with people in the USA the United Kingdom. When all the fabric swaps arrives I will post them for you to see. I am glad to have meet so many new friends from out in blogyourself next time. Then I made my Blocks for Craftsy Block of the Month for February. I learned how to make a Balkan Puzzle Block, and Magic Triangles (make 4 HST at one time) cool way to do a Half Square Triangle (HST) This block is called Chunky Chevron and is made with HST's, using the draw line method . I have used this method many times before, for making 2 blocks at a time. Amy Gibson at Stitchery Dickery Dock, is amazing in her tutorials, or (tuts) as the bloggers call them. I re

Fugly Fabric Giveway & Trade

Click on the button and find the others in the Fugly Party, a lot of giveaways out there. Thank you Lucy at Charm About You, for coming up with this idea. It is finally here "the Fugly Party" My Party is going to work two ways: A giveaway and I want to trade for your Fugly Fabric or Blocks you will never use. 1. The Giveaway of a set of (2) of each of the 7 pieces (that is more than a fat quarter of each fabric) This giveaway is for anyone who lives anywhere .- for the people who leave a comment, get one chance. Become a new follower, comment that you are a new follower, and get a second chance. If you are a follower you can leave a second comment telling me, second chance. The Giveaway will end February 13, 2012, at 7pm EST. I will draw one lucky winner on Valentines Day. 2. I have 8 other sets that I would like to trade for those who might have some Fugly Fabric - just email me a .jpg attachment with what you want to trade me. Day 2 I still have 4 tra

Here's to Fugly Fabric

I am going to do this on February 7, 2012, and post all my fabric I think is Fugly and someone can have it for the postage or trade me something they have. So somehow I will have to learn to link and hopefully maybe others from the USA will sign up. Does postage count as buying fabric, I hope not, I am trying to keep with my Resolved-to-sew 2012 goals