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Here We are Again

Spent the better part of the morning looking for the boxy pouch pattern I used at Christmas before realizing a link might be on the blog. Nope, not very smart of me. Here it is for those of you who have someone taking medicine or traveling Pink Stitches: Boxy Pouch Tutorial I need to make few for my daughter this weekend.     My daughter is doing great and is very impressed with smaller scar. The hospital stay was long but uneventful. Mamaw and David at 5th grade graduation! Two day later she was rushed to the hospital with terribly low blood pressure. She was release on Wednesday of this week and we still have no idea what happened. She continues to improve and we are so grateful!   I did find time in between hospital visit to complete my Pool Tote Swap Package . I made the bag before my daughter's surgery. Designed by me, which was very fun. The straps were the hardest part but after a few Youtube videos I realized it was best to sew the bottom first. The little Strawb