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Modern Scrappy Bits Swap on Flickr I have gathered all my bits and pieces for my secret partner! I just need to make a needle book. I have really had fun with this swap. You should try one! Take a look Modern Scrappy Bits Swap The top scraps are in the bag below with some vintage 70's scraps I know she will like! Needle Case Scraps! I am going to use these scraps to make my secret partner a needle case. Can anyone tell me the purpose of one? The August Break 2012 This little caterpillar fell from the sky and hit me in the head on Saturday! It really startled me! The kids at the birthday party (7 years old boys) thought it was hilarious. So, here he is in all his glory. My best buddy turned 7! It is hard to believe time flys so fast! Thanks for stopping by the boon docks! I really enjoy your friendship and comments. Please say a prayer for my blogging friend Amy and her ever swelling belly with twins! She blogs here Stitchery Dickory Dock and I am sure you have heard o