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Fabric Fast 2014

Fabric Fast 2014 I've decided I need to have a 'fabric intervention' with myself. I have to STOP hoarding and START sewing with what I already have! Therefore, I am going to join in with Fabriholics Anonymous! Hello my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic ! The Fabric Fast program is outlined over at Making Rebecca Lynne so go check it out! Here is a picture of my stash: (Oh, I am kind of embarrassed to show you just how much stash I have) These were from two big clearance sales that were waiting for me when we came home from vacation yesterday! I am pretty organized - trying to label each bag with store, fabric name, designer, and manufacturer. But as you can see totes can stack up most of this is stack in our bedroom. My husband got the flu on vacation and came home a day late to more fabric, husband quote "Even at a good deal, it is still to much"! I am in for real! GOALS : - To use the stash I already have (to make quilts and other things) - Aim to fini