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Show Me Your Stash

Show Me Your Stash Everywhere lately I see "Show Me Your Stash" and frankly I am a little embarrassed to show anyone my stash. But last night after seeing a Craftsy Giveaway #SecretStash Contest ! I decided to take some pictures and label it my Secret Stash and share it with my friends around the world! Every time you see photos of a famous quilter's sewing room, fabric stash, threads, or even their bookcase everything is nice and neat. Nothing out of place and spotless! I would spend more time cleaning than sewing. This from the woman who does even have a sewing room! I sew on the kitchen table, taken it over really! Don't get me wrong I admire and love all these ladies! I also admire their beautiful collections! I love my stash just as much and you should love yours too! Whether it is big or small kept in a trash bag, don't be afraid to show what you have. Work with what you have! To enter the Craftsy Giveaway, just take a great picture or several of