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Have you done this?

Pick! Pick! Pick! Thought I would get some quilting done while David was at church this evening. I have to admit I usually use a long arm quilter to finish the quilts I make but lately I have become braver after watching Youtube videos. I have done 3 baby quilts so far and never had this happen!
This quilt is for the blog hop: Going on right now @Sew We Quilt, (lots of great stuff & giveaways), My day is November 25th, so I have to quilt and bind it fast. I thought maybe I hadn't pinned it right but no, I lift up the quilt to look under it for a real mess and see this instead! I sewed the quilt to the tablecloth! I just had to laugh!
It was time to stop for the night! Everyone messes up, you are not alone!

Have a great week!

Create, be unique, and laugh at your mistakes!