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Found Singer in Original case

Well I hope I have made a good deal. A neighbor down the road was having a Yard Sale. This was her lamp stand! It is filthy as you can see, so if you know what to use to safely remove grime off a sewing machine, HELP . This is a Singer G4146019 , patent date - June 14, 1910. My wedding anniversary is June 14th, I think that is why hubby agreed on the $75 cost. It needs some love that is for sure and a manual, which as soon as I post this I will be looking to buy one. You can find everything on the internet right? If you have any advice please share! I am really excited hopefully not for nothing. Know a good place to get parts, I want to know. I already know that I need a little rubber part that goes on by the bobbin winder, it is dry rotted. Have a great weekend and always check in those lamp stands. Lisa