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Sewing Service Alert

Hi friends sometimes I just like to reach out to you and share great products, deals, and a few tips! Machine Maintenance Be kind to your sewing machine, change the needle after big projects and clean it out often. If you see dust on the outside I can guarentee it is on the inside. If you don't know how to clean your machine - google your machine name, model, cleaning, and someone will show you on a blog or YouTube video. I use a paintbrush to get those dust bunnies out. Products Yesterday, at my local Walmart I found these Clover Jumbo Wonder Clips on sale for $13.00 for the 24 pack in the Sewing Clearance Section. I bought both bags of course. Today, I looked at and they are on sale for $17.29. So check your local Walmart in the Clearance and get a good deal. I love this size clip for holding fabric pieces together and they are handy for rolling up a quilt during quilting as shown below.   Let's face it we all need light and some of them can be quite expe

Colonial Needle Giveaway and Sewing Maintence

Have you ever been sewing and your machine starts making a thunking noise? Thunk, thunk, thunk - seems like it is really having an issue sewing? You my friend have a dull needle and need to replace it. I recently took my two machines and had them clean, oiled, and adjusted for $15 a machine. A group of sewers from our library called a man and he came to the library and did machines for 3 hours one after another. We got a better deal than if we sent our machines out. A few needed parts and he took those back to his shop. Speak to your Guild about hosting a clean out! Once every couple years it is a good idea! The wonderful people at Colonial Needle sent me the new Machine NeedlePack II to try out and give one away to one of you. I really love mine to store all the different sizes I have been getting! Once I start using them I can store them in the pack by type/size! It came with great chart for choosing the correct needle for the job! The quilted fabric pack just folds up for