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FQS Selfies

Today, the Fat Quarter Shop announced the

Sew What? Selfie Contest

Now, I love to take pictures but not of myself!
I don't even own a cell phone!

<b>That's right I don't own a cell phone!</b>

But I have an iPad and it has a camera!
So, I opened the camera app
touched the little camera,
on the upper righthand side,
turned the camera around,
so it took pictures of me,
and started snapping!

I am not a beauty anymore,
don't know if I ever was?
But this face has served
me well for 50 years!

My family loves this face,
especially my Grandbabies!

Let's not let all the young ones win
the $100 gift certificates,
they are giving away (6)!

Start taking selfies my friends!

If you don't want anyone to know
what you look like
try this one!

George can't figure out what's going on!
She's suppose to take
my picture not her own!

Get a shirt and start clicking!
(this link will take you there)

How to Enter!

1. Take a selfie with your shirt using your camera,
phone, ipad, or whateve…