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Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I am so glad for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge it makes it easy to decided what color to do and to sit down pick out that color and get it done! Great idea Angela @ So Scrappy ! Thank you for reminding me each month how much I want to make a rainbow. I have wanted a rainbow quilt since I started quilting and was determined this year I would make one! I know I am suppose to use scraps but I have accumulated quite a few mini charms in every color. I made 16 patch blocks for pink and blue. Last month I kept forgetting to link up so today I have both January and February's blocks to share. February Blocks - Pink January Blocks - Blue Thank you for stopping by and looking at my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! I just love seeing those little 2 1/2" blocks in quilts. Why not join me! It is free and fun! Create and be unique, Lisa Linking to ScrapHappy Saturday

Japanese X and + Block.

I completed my first block for the Scrappy So Bee It! I was so nervous and excited! I hope Carla really likes it. Does anyone else get that way when sewing for someone else? Just curious, it would be nice to hear that sewing makes someone else a little crazy! It was a successful pattern to me. I had wanted to sew the block for over a year, and very excited to finally done it: Japanese X and + block. Carla's quilt will be really beautiful, I will be excited to see block placement, and the finished quilt. Until Later, Lisa

Scrappy? Sew bee it!

I am really excited to have been invited to join a group of very talented people in a " Sewing Bee". I am a little scared but excited for the challenge that this opportunity will bring. Scrappy Sew Bee It . Each month a member choses a new block for the group to sew. Then the blocks are sent to that person for their own quilt. I am looking forward to August 2013 when I think it will be my turn to chose a block. Until then I will look forward to completing new blocks with someone else in mind and color combinations I might not have considered. I cannot wait to get started. My mother informed me that when she was young these where called "Friendship Quilts". This is just on a world level. WOW I have the blocks from my Great Aunt Caroline's friendship quilt from "1932". I would like to be involved in this to share with my grandchildren a completed quilt that showed woman from all over the world working on a collaborate effort and it is in &quo