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Infinity Scarves

At the end of last month Rebecca @ making rebecca lynne announced the release of her pattern with a giveaway. Well I did not win one, I bought one, and I made one. As you will see below and I love it. The fabric I used is Kona Modern Quilts, Merlot Colorstory, by Cynthia Frenette, that I bought from Craftsy! They have great deals on fabric and yarn everyday! Sign up for the deals to be sent to your inbox daily on CRAFTSY I am no model that is for sure but I am doing the Pin it! Sew it! @ Pile O' Fabric and I have to post a picture on Pinterest to show I completed my pin it, sew it. So, everyone will see my smiling mug. But it is me, this is who I am, I do love the crop feature in photo editor so at least your not looking at me in my sweat pants. Or see me standing on a hill in my yard, just me and my Infinity Scarf. If you like scarves this is a nice, inexpensive, and easy to one to make! Thank you Rebecca! Everyone : I found the directions in the pattern easy to follow