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Help Me Raise Some Money

  Could you think of a day when you didn't have your sewing machine! I sew when I am happy, sad, mad, just about anytime I want! Others sew to raise money for the rent, electric, or just enough to have lunch out once a month! I have a story to tell of a blogger I followed for about 5 years then one day she stopped blogging. Her quilts are beautiful! She was always willing to help new quilters! Always made the world seem a little better! She always wrote at the end of her posts " Cheery Wave Bev " Not long ago I was having giveaways for Impressions, Orange Peel Templates, I notified one of the winners and guess what she signed "Cheery Wave Bev"! I was shocked! I asked her where she had been and found out she had been through some bad times! Her 25 years old sewing machine had died. She had used sewing to supplement her Social Security. It had been broken for months which hasn't helped her situation. I feel "God" puts people in your path a