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ALYOF June Goal

In 2014, I desperately want to become proficient at Paper Piecing and I joined the Sew Kitschy BOM to learn how and have completely not followed through. So, for the month of June I am committing to catching up on all these blocks. The group is on the pitcher with glasses (block 6) (You can get this block free for the month of June - click on the link) meaning I have (4) block to do in month, (1) a week. I think I can do it! We will see how well I can do. I'm in a bit of a slump hoping that by learning something I really enjoy I can get motived! I am drowning in fabric and just cannot decide what to make! I pull for a project really seem to like it but then go back and look at it. Nope that's not what I want! Pull again! Have stacks piled up! Been going on most of last month! Does this happen to you? My goal is small this month but I'm hoping for it to turn out big! Thank you for stopping by! Just create! Lisa Linking to bittersweet designs - June Goals - A Lovel

Sew Kitschy Paper Pieced BoM

I said earlier this month that 2014 is the year of Experiment and Paper Piecing has always confused and befuddled me the beautiful designs were never mine. To remedy this I decided to join Sew Kitschy Block of the Month Kristy @ Quiet Play . You can buy all the patterns at once on Craftsy or go to her blog during the month of each pattern and get it free! Yes, I said free but it is not expensive if you just cannot wait! I think the patterns are so cute! She starts you out easy! It only took me two days and I learns quite a bit. She has a linky party that goes on all month and you can link up any time of the month. Lessons Learned 1. A 10"square is not big enough for your background on your 10" block. 2. Don't use oval dots on you background fabric because it will be going in every direction all at once. Next month I will try little Polka Dots or a solid. 3. Directional fabric is o.k. to use on the oven mitt or pot holder, (not as a background fabric). 4. Try