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Pin It! Sew It!

Do you pin at Pinterest ? I and a lot of other bloggers have accounts there and pin. I can be a little pin crazy sometimes. You can find a picture, tutorials, fabric collections, designers just to name a few. Anything you are interested in it is probably on there. If you just want to look, you can look at mine HERE , I have all kinds of things pinned and there is a pin about Pin It, Sew It! . You click on that Pin and it will tell you about the sew along! It is a once a month Linky Party! The great part is you can find things you like by looking through others pins. You might have noticed a pin button on the bottom of blogs, if you have an account, pin it to you board, better than a bookmark. The search engine works great. Just " Pin It", take a look at Alyssa's great button and see what it is all about. Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric is the woman behind "Pin It, Sew It". You pick things you would like to make and do it! I think it is great! I wil