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Pin It Blog Hop and a Giveaway

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks"
I hope everyone is enjoying the Pin It Blog Hop! The pincushions from the hop so far are awesome. I'm a little chicken to show you my own creations!

Thank you Madam Samm (The Blog Hop Queen) @ Sew We Quiltand Head Cheerleader Kristen @Meadowbrookfor arranging all the fun!

Petal Last night I saw this amazing pin on Lori Holt's.bee in my bonnet. The flower is just so cute, I got up this morning and made this pincushion "Petals". I improvised a bit but I am so happy with it! Lori Holt has a great blog and is so talented! She inspires me which I think is the greatest reason to follow blogs. One idea can take you in a new direction!

Hilda Hen

I spent my time working on Hilda Hen and I just wasn't quite happy. I must have change her five times. I promised my Mom I would let you see her and decide for yourself. She will be moving into Mom's room after the blog hop, Hilda likes this old box to nest in.

Please visit the …