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She came, She conquered, She left

I warned you there would be more photos of my littlest sweetheart, Sophie. We had our few hours alone with Samantha, Sophie, and our youngest daughter, Kristin. They leave tomorrow to visit more family and then back to Germany. I cried when I said "goodbye" knowing it might be 3 years before I saw her or Samantha again. My husband and I are both Veterans and know how hard it is to be away from home serving in the military. This is the hard side your away from family for years at a time. Our Sam - doesn't she look good for just having a baby 3 months ago! This is me and Sophie - my daughter used Instagram to post this to her Facebook page. Instagram maybe my next learning curve. My husband, Randy, with our little angel! Kristin and Sophie with the big bow her mommy loves! Sam won it at the mall yesterday, it is called "Alice in Wonderland". Still on the fence about giant bows on babies heads. I have to say she has a beautiful smile, what a way to say go