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Condemned to Boots

I will be forever more condemned to wear boots
outside in the yard
After my last fall my family has demanded
I wear boots in the yard!
Oh well to protect my knees
that have gone on me, I will obey.

The coming of Spring always reminds me of what I can't
or shouldn't do because of possibility
of further injury to my already damaged body!
It has been 15 years since the accident that changed my life
and I still struggle most mornings to
just get out of bed and begin a new day!

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways,
it has given me an outlet to let go of frustration
and accept my life for what it is - wonderful!

I have a home and a loving family!
A place to be and I can walk!
I am so grateful I can walk.
Acceptance that I may never be famous or rich.
I was very ambitious back then and very good with computers.
The internet has all this online training running 24/7
I made those classes for colleges before they
ever went on the net.
It all developed from computer based training…