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Patchwork Threads Sweatshirts

I have thought about stopping and writing about twenty times then something else happens and I am off in another direction. One thing I wanted to tell you about was Massdrop I have wanted a Patchwork Threads Simply Put Sweatshirt Forever and Massdrop has a drop for one of (4) different sweatshirts from Patchwork Threads for $38.99 instead of $49.00 plus shipping (Massdrop has free shipping)! This is the one I ordered! Been looking at it for about a year! Finally I am getting one for Mother's Day! Only it will come in June, which is fine since I already waited a year for it. If you are not signed up for Massdrop Please copy and paste this code into your Internet Browser Window When you signup it will let them know I sent you! This is not a paid promotion! I use Massdrop myself. We have had lots of family in and out of our house in the last few weeks so it is a little crazy. Another night of Tinkerbell for me! Things will settle down soon! Than

Happy Monday

Stop by tomorrow for a cup of coffee! I just cannot function in the morning without it! Big giveaway starting tomorrow! The Aurifil 12 wt. Thread giveaway ends August 26th at Midnight! Tell your friends to come by and enter! I just love my T-shirt from the Fat Quarter Shop! Have you heard of Massdrop ? I am always looking for a way to save money. It is group buying of products to get reduced pricing. Right now you can get these three patterns by Elizabeth Hartman for $24.99 + free shipping! Which is quite a savings since most of them sell for $12 each! Four days are left to order with the group buy! I got these Pearl Bracelets last month 15 FQ for $29.99 + free shipping! It is free to join! Check it out! Let's save together! Thank you for reading and create something unique today! Lisa