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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas  As I await the arrival of of my daughters and grandchildren for Christmas I am grateful that all of them are in good health considering the year they have had!  Both girl have suffered losses in jobs, cars, and homes! It could have been much worse and I pray that 2019 will be a much better year! Everything lost can be replaced but they cannot!  I pray that your holidays are filled with love and laughter! If you find in the New Year you can afford to help Ashley and the girls recover from the fire that destroyed everything please give to the Go Fund Me page I setup! Fire Victims Ashley and Babies Merry Christmas and thank you, Lisa

Baby Photographer?

My husband and I decided to make a quick run to our daughters yesterday for the day, to see her family. My daughter wanted me to take some photographs of "Zoey" for birth announcements. We went out and bought a few props and came back to the apartment and went to work. My daughters significant other was at work until 7 pm last night. His reaction to what was going on when he got home made me laugh. I will explain more in a minute. Here are the photos of our attempt to get the perfect shot! Ha ha. Our beautiful butterfly! This is my favorite one but look at all the junk in the background! Here she was telling me "Please give me my pacifier back"! Don't take a binky away from a tired baby! Oops bad idea! Happy baby with the big ugly plug! Lessons Learned : Pay for professional pictures, those photographers earn every penny! I present 5 week old "Zoey" Now back to Michael, he came rushing through the apartment door because as he said "I co