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Le Challenge - Space

Hello, I am Lisa and welcome to In The Boon Docks! First, I'd like to thank Lucy at Charm About You: space ~ le challenge ~ Levi's 2.0 and Nat at Made in Home: Vintage Inspired pincushion | Tutorial the creators of the Le Challenge ! It is open to all with the possibility of prizes! A monthly linky party with a theme! What do you think of when you see the word SPACE ? This months challenge is Space but when I think of space I think outer space (fabric above is Marty goes to Mars)! I going to make something for myself out of my Marty fabric, it is just so cute. Secondly, I think of the space I need to get clean or decorated for the holidays. In reality I have been trying to organize my space for awhile. Like trying to keep all my Aurifil thread in one space! (It seems to wander around from my sewing machine or the table by my livingroom chair).   My fabric stash takes up a lot of space ! Do you know I have given away 6 moving boxes of fabric over the last

Le Challenge

I started this Noodlehead Super Tote at Thanksgiving and then a whole lot of things happened so it wasn't until the end of January that I got to get it finished. I was going desperately through my pictures looking for anything I might have made that had dots! It hit me the Super Tote had Cotton+Steel Basic fabric with dots on the inside! Then I had to figure out when I finished it to make sure the time frame was right! I am so glad it is! I am joining in the Le Challenge #19 - Dots this month! Yippee! I love the monthly challenge! You might like it to and they have a monthly prize you can win! I enjoy looking at what everyone has made, it is not just for quilters but everyone who crafts! Please click on the blue link above and check it out! If you signup for their (Lucy & Nat) email you can find out what the challenge is for next month and join in! Moon Shine, Deer Me, Tula Pink, is one of my favorite fabrics making it was difficult to mail the tote to my cousin

Le Challenge & Giveaway reminder

Welcoming in a new "Era" of curves into my sewing! Le Challenge for August is "Era" Le Challenge is a monthly challenge give each month to any crafter! It is a way a crafter can show their interpretation on the subject of the month! I would love to see knitters, crocheter, painters, scrapbookers, and designers participate! Giveaway Notice! The Flowering Snowball Mini all came in a kit from Stitch Supply Co You can enter to win a free one until September 16th at Midnight! On that post! This is how it began! The curves are much easier to do once you find what works for you! For me it was pin in the center and on both sides that worked the best! I see more in my future The "era" of hand quilting has come and gone! After spending weeks hand quilting a 15" x 15" block, I see no more hand quilting anything bigger in my future! I have new respect for those of you who can do this skill! I am linking up with the ladies (Lucy & Nat) from Le C

Le Challenge - Toffee

Welcome to In The Boon Docks! Hi! I am Lisa, wife, mother, grandmother, veteran, and artist. In a rural area of West Virginia, USA, my family and I, live with 3 dogs, 8 chickens, a squirrel, and miscellaneous deer (they live in our woods). We grow, can, and freeze, both fruits and vegetables. I will admit I am a awful cook but my husband is a culinary student. I love to blog, blog hop, swap, sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and just about any DIY project. I am a fabric and Aurifil thread lover! Hopefully, some of the things I write about here will interest you and keep you entertained. If so, please leave a comment occasionally and follow. Why am I telling you all this at the Monthly Le Challenge? I see a lot of new blogs each month and I figure if I don't know you, you probably don't know me! A little introduction into the happenings at "In The Boon Docks". Now for Le Challenge Here is a toffee photo I borrowed from Kessa's post! Looks yummy but a craft proj