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Le Challenge & Giveaway reminder

Welcoming in a new "Era" of curves into my sewing! Le Challenge for August is "Era" Le Challenge is a monthly challenge give each month to any crafter! It is a way a crafter can show their interpretation on the subject of the month! I would love to see knitters, crocheter, painters, scrapbookers, and designers participate! Giveaway Notice! The Flowering Snowball Mini all came in a kit from Stitch Supply Co You can enter to win a free one until September 16th at Midnight! On that post! This is how it began! The curves are much easier to do once you find what works for you! For me it was pin in the center and on both sides that worked the best! I see more in my future The "era" of hand quilting has come and gone! After spending weeks hand quilting a 15" x 15" block, I see no more hand quilting anything bigger in my future! I have new respect for those of you who can do this skill! I am linking up with the ladies (Lucy & Nat) from Le C