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Update on Daughter and Granddaughters

Current Update on Ashley, Lilly, and Sarah Last I blogged my girls had been lost their home in a apartment fire  and I ask for  Prayer Request !  There is a link there to the local paper in Wheeling, WV, that tells about the fire! Currently, they are still staying with another family and looking for a place to live.  I started a Go Fund Me page to help get furniture, appliances, cribs, and other household items. If you would like to donate here is the link! They have received some help from Red Cross, Salvation Army, family and friends!  I am so grateful to everyone who have helped! Thank you! Please keep our family in your prayers! Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy New Years Love, Lisa

Prayer Request

My daughter and her children where rear ended the week of Thanksgiving! The car was totaled and she is going to therapy weekly for her back. Tuesday the apartment above theirs caught on fire.  It killed her neighbor and left them homeless!  Luckily for our family her and the girls happened to be at a friends house.  We are so grateful this friend is letting them stay with them until next week when they come home for Christmas. We pray by then that housing will be available for them to move into! Pray for us all to be strong during these times of troubles! We feel so sad about her neighbor and for his family. Please pray for them! Here is the link to the newspaper to read about what happened! The Fire The circled window is my granddaughters’ room! All the water from the fire trucks ended up in their apartment! Please take my advice get Renters Insurance!   Tell everyone you know to get some! She didn’t have and lost everything in less than an hour! Thank you for praying and reading!   H