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Green Beans

Green beans are being sold for $48 a bushel here in WV. Last night I picked at least a half a bushel in 30 minutes. Wow, I am saving money, just look what a can is costing in the store. At the bushel price you can forecast the cost of a can of beans will be going up. These beans will be canned and frozen to provide vegetables for my in-laws and us over the Winter. So, bean picking will be my job today instead of sewing. As for "The August Break 2012" well of course today it is green beans fresh off the vines. Are you a canner or a freezer? I am a little of both, and it can really pay-off on your food bills. My in-laws grow a garden large enough that they share but we work for it. My mother and I have already done one picking that yielded - 5 fresh meals, 5 frozen bags, 7 quarts, 7 pints. Last night started the second picking and there are more beans this time than last.

Update: Final Pick Today 2 Bushels

Giles commented about the texture being different between canning…