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A Little Nightshade/Heat N Bond Tutorial

I have to admit one of my favorite designers is Tula Pink! I am working on a present for someone special! When I saw "Nightshade" I had to have some for my little pirate girl. It is hard for me to picture my children as adults. I always see that little person who played in the wild flowers and danced as a sugar plum fairy. Am I the only one who sees their children this way? How to use Heat N Bond Lite First cut out the design you want to appliqué, with at least an inch on all sides in a square. Cut out a square of Heat N Bond Lite 1/2 inch smaller than the fabric square. Lay the Heat N Bond bumpy side up on an ironing surface and put the design right side up on top of it. Make sure your design is completely covered underneath by the Heat N Bond, and no Heat N Bond is sticking out from under the fabric. Using a hot iron with the steam turned OFF to press the two together. Slowly and with even pressure. I start from the center and pick my iron up to move it instead of