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ALYOF April Finishes 2015

My April finish as described in my ALYOF April Goal was to make a Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch for my partner in the IG Swap! I am very happy to say I got it done and mailed off! Just waiting for my partner to say "I Got It and Love it"! I know some of you may think you are not good enough or think you will join one when you can sew better. That time never comes for the fear of rejection. So hop off the fence and have some fun! I made (2) pouches and I really liked how they turned out since I never made one before. The Feather Pincushion was so hard to part with it was just so cute! Then I put some other goodies in it! (Pardon my messy mail stack below)! Using my embroidery stitches on my machine I stitch the bottom closed with these hearts! The idea is when you look inside you know someone cared enough to put them there for you! Everyone could use a little love! Even a stranger! I love how the zipper end comes out on the pouch! Definitely want to make more!

ALYOF February 2015

ALYOF February Finishes My goal for February was to piece a quilt, which I did. But instead of being the top it became the back. I have really had a hard time writing this post. Usually I am writing about a quilt I have done and showing you everything but today I can't! I did have a lot of fun making it. Freespirit has really created a quality fabric! Bright beautiful colors. I love the feel of the Modern Solids. The perfect thickness. Probably not the right word for it but they are. When you make something out of them you know it will last and last. I know you can understand that! Will I use them again! YES, I love them! (100) 5" squares of 75 colors is a dream come true for this lover of color Denyse Schmidt's DS Modern Solids Charm Pack This quilt ended up as a backing for another quilt and is very simplistic but meaningful to me! I also sewed the front but I can't share it. One day maybe but not today! Almost as soon as it was done it was whisked away

ALYOF November Goal

Life is amazing, no matter how much preplanning I do lately things just are not getting done. I decided I would post them anyways here for the record! I was going to enter this Flowering Snowball mini quilt into Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2014 I went out two weeks ago and took some beautiful photos! I completed my ALYOF October Goal for Sew BitterSweet Designs and again missed the deadline! But I did make the deadline for World Book Media who took it to Quilt Market (yes, first time, very exciting, want to do it again)! I made this cute little fabric basket for David's sweet 4th grade teacher! I admire men and women who can teach a room full of 9 and10 years old! For I think I would go Buggers (hi, Lucy)! One is enough for me! Since grossing me out lately is his entertainment. So for November I am going to try and get my self together and meet my next deadline! The IG Mini Swap! I have it narrowed down to these two patterns! I just got my ru

Where have i been

Quilt Market News I am excited to say that my Home Town Pouch, Pattern by Yoko Saito is going to be in her booth! My pouch at Market so exciting! So if you are going "pop" in the Lecien booth and see pouches take a picture for me! I have made one of my personal goals and also did a lot of Experimenting (word of the year)! Sponsor News I was saddened to hear that Pink Chalk Fabrics is doing a storewide liquidation of everything but patterns! It is an ending of an era but the beginning of a new chapter in Kathy Mack's life. I know she will do well in whatever she focus' on because she is very smart and creatively talented. But I will miss her and her wonderful staff! Thank you Pink Chalk Fabric for taking such good care of us at In the Boon Docks! You have been an wonderful sponsor! We will need to keep an eye out for new patterns and tutorials at Pink Chalk Studio So lets pay them back and help them liquidate. This an epic sale and you don't want to miss i

ALYOF June Goal

In 2014, I desperately want to become proficient at Paper Piecing and I joined the Sew Kitschy BOM to learn how and have completely not followed through. So, for the month of June I am committing to catching up on all these blocks. The group is on the pitcher with glasses (block 6) (You can get this block free for the month of June - click on the link) meaning I have (4) block to do in month, (1) a week. I think I can do it! We will see how well I can do. I'm in a bit of a slump hoping that by learning something I really enjoy I can get motived! I am drowning in fabric and just cannot decide what to make! I pull for a project really seem to like it but then go back and look at it. Nope that's not what I want! Pull again! Have stacks piled up! Been going on most of last month! Does this happen to you? My goal is small this month but I'm hoping for it to turn out big! Thank you for stopping by! Just create! Lisa Linking to bittersweet designs - June Goals - A Lovel