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Laugher is allowed

Last night I was thinking about everything going on in the world! It made me sad. I thought to myself I need to think of something to make myself laugh. Laughing cures a lot of things that makes me sad.     Hope I made you laugh! Look on the bright side of life! Smiles, Lisa   Create and be unique - Lisa

Whats Up

All In A Row Quilt Along For February's goal for OMG, I wanted to complete a row and enter #allinarowquiltalong on Facebook and I got it done but I didn't link up with everything going on around the house. Missed the linkup! I will do better! You can see here where I was working on it on Valentines day In The Boon Docks: VAL 2016 if you want. So for the record February's Goal was met! You have until March 15 to submit rows into the Facebook Group! I am going to try and get another row done before the deadline.   On The Mend It was fantastic dealing with "Pink Eye" on my not so delighted 10 year old. But who doesn't hate Augmenten (Yuck) twice a day, and having someone put drops in your eyes 4 times a day. Then I caught a cold on top of it all and the weather has changed again. Meaning it is cold as ol' billy hell outside, my Grandma always used to say that. I haven't had time to do anything but wash a million washcloths and disinfect everything in

To Funny

Anyone for Chicken in a pot? I found this quite funny when I came out to find Thelma sitting eating my herbs and weeds. Have a great Sunday! Create and be Unique - Lisa   Posted with Blogsy

Have you done this?

Pick! Pick! Pick! Thought I would get some quilting done while David was at church this evening. I have to admit I usually use a long arm quilter to finish the quilts I make but lately I have become braver after watching Youtube videos. I have done 3 baby quilts so far and never had this happen! This quilt is for the blog hop: Going on right now @ Sew We Quilt , (lots of great stuff & giveaways), My day is November 25th, so I have to quilt and bind it fast. I thought maybe I hadn't pinned it right but no, I lift up the quilt to look under it for a real mess and see this instead! I sewed the quilt to the tablecloth! I just had to laugh! It was time to stop for the night! Everyone messes up, you are not alone! Have a great week! Create, be unique, and laugh at your mistakes! Lisa

A funny thing with patches

This morning I sit down at my sewing machine to work on the binding for the baby quilt I have been working on, and here comes my husband with his old jean jacket with a hole in it. I asked what happened to it and found out it got hung up on barbed wire. "Please patch it", I look at him because he knows I have wanted to throw it away. "Get those old jeans, the pair with the holes in them and cut me a big square". "My favorite jeans"? "Yep" (so I got rid of something I wanted thrown away). Among other things my husband is a 45 year old college student, so now he will where this on his back until it rots off, he loves that old jacket and I love him. Got a funny you want to share? Love to hear it.