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Pot Holders and Practice FMQ

Feeling the Pressure? Well this week has flown by and I am feeling a little stressed! It always seems to do that when I have so much to do and make. I have several projects going at once for Christmas. Scrambling around looking for decorations, finding the presents I stashed away months ago, and wrapping the ones I have found. Plus shopping for the ones I forgot. Ever do that knowing you will need presents for a few but the perfect gift never appeared so at the end you are looking for something they will like. I hate buying gifts that don't match the person, one reason I shop all year. Do you? To add to all this confusion last week while cooking my husband asked me for a few new pot holders. He said the ones we have are just to small and thin. This was after he had used his mothers new ones that I made here for the Black Tie Boogie! This fabric was in my stash for a few years! I know Jan Patek is the designer, some call it cheater fabric because you don't have to