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Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop Day 1

For months now many people have been working  on all kinds of flower projects to inspire you!   Carla  of  Creatin’ in the Sticks  is our hostess and  I am grateful to be able to participate in this blog hop. I went through a bunch of fabric trying to figure out what I wanted to make.   At the time my oldest daughter had her second daughter in less than a year. Carla said we could make anything as long as it has flowers! So, I did a little creative thinking! Having been killing time at doctors appointments and  at the hospital I had been watching a lot of online classes and Youtube videos!  I came across a sewing course on  Creativebug  called  Wardrobe Basics: Sewing Tunic No. 1 Using her -  #100 Acts of Sewing Patterns (Which are free with the course) By Sonya Philips Flower Tunic 1  This fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and comes in 4 colorways! I think it is gorgeous! I did not alter the pattern at all on this one. Flower Tunic 2 - Tula Pink Fabric I loved this Tula Pink print so mu

Sign up you blog for a fun blog hop

Sign ups are open Where Flowers Bloom blog hop  over at  Creatin in the Sticks  with Carla this June! If you love to create check it out! I’ll be there! Hope to see you there!  Lisa The Granddaughter is due on my birthday but I don’t think she will wait that long!


I got up this morning and decided I wanted to share my last 4 long stem roses for the season! 15 years ago, I was offered the bushes from a new homeowner who didn't want to care for a rose garden. When she bought the house the past owner had told her they were over 50 years old and had come from Massachusetts. Then 7 years ago, when we were selling our home in Virginia I dug them up again and planted them "In The Boon Dock", were they grow very happily and pretty wildly. I should take better care of the bushes besides cutting them back once a year to 12" to 14" high for Winter. The bushes were well over 7 feet yesterday when I cut them back! My next question was how to photograph them best. So you might enjoy them too! First I started out in the kitchen with one a piece of fabric and the flowers. Needs more color! As you can see the lighting caused shadows! Indoors, the colors get dulled! Bad lighting can really turn something beautiful into something bla