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Happy New Years

Happy New Years!  Welcome to 2019 Word for 2019: Finish My Top Nine on Instagram Our family has had a rough year and  Lilly was so excited to get a new baby doll just like the one she lost! She carries it everywhere now! Family bonding has been good for both girls and their mother! I am praying 2019  will be easier on all of us. The Go Fund Me Page for  Our daughter and grandchildren is still open. We are praying everything will work out for a  small house a few miles down the road. Thank all you for being generous and loving! So many have already pitched in to help! But they will need new or used everything!  No amount is to small! They need your continued Prayers! Thank you and Happy 2019! Lisa

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas  As I await the arrival of of my daughters and grandchildren for Christmas I am grateful that all of them are in good health considering the year they have had!  Both girl have suffered losses in jobs, cars, and homes! It could have been much worse and I pray that 2019 will be a much better year! Everything lost can be replaced but they cannot!  I pray that your holidays are filled with love and laughter! If you find in the New Year you can afford to help Ashley and the girls recover from the fire that destroyed everything please give to the Go Fund Me page I setup! Fire Victims Ashley and Babies Merry Christmas and thank you, Lisa