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Happenings here in the boon docks

Happenings Here In The Boon Docks

Our daughter Ashley goes up and picks them with an apple picker.

This time of year the pears get ripe! It is a family affair if your not picking out of the tree you are picking them up off the ground.

Then of course we have to have rides for the little ones!

Our dog George and our littlest granddaughter Sarah!

Sarah does love pears, she ate almost as many as she picked up!

Our chicken coop is a fun place for the little ones who love to feed them. We have 8 chickens, raised from chicks.I have been away since March and plan to drop back in. Try to show you everything I've sewn and tips and tricks. I still have a few up my sleeve. So much going on in the world, I haven't had much to say. I do, but not to share at this time.  Focus on sewing, home, and family!Love all of you, Lisa

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 
As I await the arrival of of my daughters and grandchildren for Christmas I am grateful that all of them are in good health considering the year they have had!  Both girl have suffered losses in jobs, cars, and homes! It could have been much worse and I pray that 2019 will be a much better year! Everything lost can be replaced but they cannot! 
I pray that your holidays are filled with love and laughter!

If you find in the New Year you can afford to help Ashley and the girls recover from the fire that destroyed everything please give to the Go Fund Me page I setup!
Fire Victims Ashley and Babies
Merry Christmas and thank you, Lisa

Update on Daughter and Granddaughters

Current Update on Ashley, Lilly, and Sarah

Last I blogged my girls had been lost their home in a apartment fire  and I ask for Prayer Request!  There is a link there to the local paper in Wheeling, WV, that tells about the fire!
Currently, they are still staying with another family and looking for a place to live.  I started a Go Fund Me page to help get furniture, appliances, cribs, and other household items.
If you would like to donate here is the link!
They have received some help from Red Cross, Salvation Army, family and friends!  I am so grateful to everyone who have helped! Thank you! Please keep our family in your prayers!
Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy New Years
Love, Lisa

Reuse Remake Recycle

Things have really changed around our household in the last couple of weeks.  My oldest daughter,  Ashley is having many health problems associated with her pregnancy! Diabetes has taken over her life and lead to a week in the hospital.  It made it hard to care for herself and 9 month old Lilly.  Now both are here at our house until baby is born.  Sometimes, as parents you have to do what is best for your family even if it inconveniences everyone.  Our family wants Ashley and the baby healthy.  When the baby is born Ashley and her family will go back to Wheeling, WV.  Until then we will all share our small house together and help each other out.
I was trying to find something to put Lilly’s blocks in so I made her this basket!

The fabric was from a yard sale $.25!  It was from a clothing factory that was once in Huntington, WV.  It came on a roll and was 2” wide.  Give life to something old!

It started out like this on the roll and then I folded over and just sewed it together.  Obviousl…

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Years!  Over the last year my family has been through a lot.  I think my friend Leona over on Instagram summed it up perfect.  I will be back hopefully in a couple days posting regularly.  Because you matter!  Create and be unique, Lisa


Pincushion ParadeDuring the month of August Instagram people are making a pincushion a day! Inspired by @tinkerellen who thought it would be fun to have a Pincushion Parade ! Use the hashtag #pinnieparade and you will see thousands of pincushion and give you some great ideas, it sure has inspired me! It would be worth making an account just to see them all. While you are there you can follow me @intheboondocks ! I follow back!Each day, and I have missed a few, I try to do something different! Lots of different free patterns are being shared by people making pincushions. Here are mine so far. Also you can post your favorites that you have but didn't make and that is why I don't have 21. But I have had a great time! This weekend my Grandson turned 12! Hard to believe it seems like yesterday! But the thing unusual about it is I got to see all my Grandchildren this last weekend, the one who lives in Virginia showed up with her mother and the one who lives in Kentucky came for t…

Here We are Again

Spent the better part of the morning looking for the boxy pouch pattern I used at Christmas before realizing a link might be on the blog. Nope, not very smart of me.
Here it is for those of you who have someone taking medicine or traveling Pink Stitches: Boxy Pouch Tutorial I need to make few for my daughter this weekend. My daughter is doing great and is very impressed with smaller scar. The hospital stay was long but uneventful. Mamaw and David at 5th grade graduation! Two day later she was rushed to the hospital with terribly low blood pressure. She was release on Wednesday of this week and we still have no idea what happened. She continues to improve and we are so grateful! I did find time in between hospital visit to complete my Pool Tote Swap Package. I made the bag before my daughter's surgery. Designed by me, which was very fun. The straps were the hardest part but after a few Youtube videos I realized it was best to sew the bottom first.The little Strawberry Pincush…

Forever changed

This is not my regular kind of blog post but after a curious afternoon I went looking for this film to see for myself and am forever changed. Sit down and watch it. Be grateful for the right to decide your own fate. I have spent a lifetime being an independent woman. How little did I know I have taken all these liberties for granted. I just watched this Oscar winning documentary and cannot imagine being treated as a piece of property.I have always respected others way of life but am shaken to the core that women in today's world are treated in this way. I think women should watch this to know that these practices are still out there and support change. I don't know how but something should be done.A Girl In The River - YouTubePlease feel free to leave comments. Maybe I should not share this but I share my life here. Thank you LisaCreate and be unique - Lisa

Away for awhile

How do you discuss family business with the world? I have done this a few times usually after I have disappeared for a period of time without warning. Well this time my daughter had 4 hernias repaired by removing the scar from last year. Before surgery on May 16th!Not quite so smiley today! But we are managing! Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciate! Thank you!Have a great weekend Hugs Lisa I'll be back in a few day to a week! Create and be unique - Lisa