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HeatnBond Giveaway

Update: I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote the HeatnBond Giveaway , no end date! The Therm-o-Web giveaway will end December 8, 2013 at midnight! A Bucket to the rescue! Let's get sewing! Imagine what you want and make it! You can do it! We had a full house for Thanksgiving and Zoey as you can see got some blocks for Christmas. My cousin and his daughter have other obligations at Christmas so we celebrate early each year. The big plus is deer season coincides with Thanksgiving and he gets a little me time and fills their freezer at the same time. It has worked out fine until I was stepping on blocks at 2 a.m. I knew I needed a quick solution before I stumbled and fell. After that first step, I knew Zoey needed a container, bag, or a bucket for those darn blocks. Something she could put them in and dump them out. Children at her age love repetition! This is also a great way to teach young children to pick up after themselves. I decided on a simple bucket b