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Family Friendly Restaurant But Change Your Babies In The Car

Family friendly restaurant but change your babies in the car! As many families travel during the holiday, I thought I would warn you! While traveling home Zoey was fussy as we left the hospital after dark and traveling West on I64. We decided to stop at a new Burger King we had seen in Winchester to eat. I grabbed a few baby things from the car to diaper and feed her before I ate. Much to my surprise I found no changing station in a week old store and was more surprised when the Assistant Manager informed me that Burger Kings do not install Baby Changing Stations in there stores! An item that could easily be purchased for less than $200. Not worth the business they loose from young families and grandparents Burger King! Update ! My daughter was transferred to University of KY Hospital. The Pseudo cysts on her pancreas are small and do not need to be removed at this time. She got home yesterday and is resting comfortably. In the mean time we have little Zoey back with us