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For The Boys Blog Hop

For The Boys Blog Hop Welcome to In The Boon Docks For those who do not know, I was enlisted in the US Navy for 9 years. I got out after my second tour to raise my family. My husband retired from the US Navy after 20 years in 2005. My Father-in-law was in the US Army for 2 tours and my youngest daughter did 1 tour in the US Army. Last Friday, we went to a ceremony at David's school honoring the Veterans in your family. The photo below shows us all with David he was so happy we all showed up except Mamaw (feeling sick) did 1 tour in the US Army. So we are a Military family. Now I know this is about boys but David insisted that Zoey be included and she makes a great head model. As you can see the adjustable head wrap (We call them do rags), one size fits all! My husband's old do rags are falling apart so I decided to make him a few new ones. These are much quicker to make if you serge them but I just used a zig zag stitch on the seams. A do rag is worn underneath a moto