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Simple Little Things Babies

So this morning, honestly, I am operating in panic, wait mode! Baby Lilly is not due untl May 1st! At the stress test yesterday Momma was having contractions and is starting to progress a little. Up at 6:30 am, very unusual for me, so I started to pack not my clothes of course but my sewing things. I have to make a few baby dresses and those little mittens, so she can't scratch herself. By now, I have pulled out my clothes bags and started my laundry. I found this little dress - free and looks to be easy enough I can do it!     Free! Little Geranium Dress Pattern - Made By Rae . This is 0 - 3 months and there is a pattern you can purchase for more extras and bigger babies and girls! When I went seaching the internet for an easy dress, this one kept popping up! So, it comes highly recommended by lots of bloggers!   Mittens - you wouldn't think they would be hard to find but they were! Started on Pinterest and every link I clicked on was no good! Did a search and still

What is up in the boon docks

Hello welcome to In The Boon Docks Things have been a little busy around here and I still cannot talk about it for a few more days. I have created something can you guess? Craftsy has a new class I signed up for late last night. Camille Roskelley - Playful Piecing Techniques ! You get 4 downloadable patterns! I like Craftsy courses because I can watch a little, do a project in the course, and then come back weeks later and step back in where I left off. I love Camille's Swoon pattern and her book Simply Retro. I will share what I learn. If anyone signs up let me know and we can have a little show! Sew We Quilt t Blog Hops In November, I am participating in both of these hops and I have some great giveaways coming your way! I hope you will join me for a little fun! The big Halloween dance is Friday night! My husband and I always like to go to what the kids come up with each year and see the latest dance moves! Our guy is ready to dance all night to bad it ends at 8:00 p

Dare To Dresden Winner

Welcome to all the new "followers", I am so happy you are here! Want to read a review of Fons and Porters "Build Your Best Log Cabin" E-book and download it free check out " laugh yourself into Stitches " "Dare To Dresden" Blog Hop Winner! 107. Agnes B. Bullock January 28, 2013 at 3:29 PM Have never sewn a zpper! Too scary! (I will be emailing her for her address after this blog posts) For all of you who like me have past up the fun of pouches because of "Zipper Phobia" I really like the "Dresden Pouch" and hope she enjoys it! Just made this pouch for my Mother-in-law (MIL) with an extra long strap! I learned how to make a pouch and put a zipper in using these two resources Craft Buds " Easy Lined Zipper Pouch" and take the FREE Craftsy course right here called Kristin Link's Bag-Making Basics - Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks" Please come by again soo

Infinity Scarves

At the end of last month Rebecca @ making rebecca lynne announced the release of her pattern with a giveaway. Well I did not win one, I bought one, and I made one. As you will see below and I love it. The fabric I used is Kona Modern Quilts, Merlot Colorstory, by Cynthia Frenette, that I bought from Craftsy! They have great deals on fabric and yarn everyday! Sign up for the deals to be sent to your inbox daily on CRAFTSY I am no model that is for sure but I am doing the Pin it! Sew it! @ Pile O' Fabric and I have to post a picture on Pinterest to show I completed my pin it, sew it. So, everyone will see my smiling mug. But it is me, this is who I am, I do love the crop feature in photo editor so at least your not looking at me in my sweat pants. Or see me standing on a hill in my yard, just me and my Infinity Scarf. If you like scarves this is a nice, inexpensive, and easy to one to make! Thank you Rebecca! Everyone : I found the directions in the pattern easy to follow