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Handmade or Homemade

The yarn is from Yarn Bee, Chrysalis, Psyche Six knitted stitches, knit on the top(small string end), skip every second hole, back and forth, 1 skein makes one scarf I made about 15 swirl scarves around Christmas and gave them away to family and friends. Another family member saw her Aunt's scarf and wanted to know where she could buy one. The Aunt told her I made it for her for Christmas. Long story short I dropped one off at her house the next day. She said "oh let me buy it", I refused payment. I feel the biggest compliment someone who receives something I have made is to wear it or show it off. She told me how happy she was to receive it and then said to me "I knew you made things at home but nothing like this". I do not understand when people see things I handmade they are so surprised. Do you see the same thing? That people who do not make things themselves, cannot see the difference between handmade and homemade? Is there a difference? Plea