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Chicken Motel

Welcome friends to the new and improved
Chicken Motel

My husband and I spent 6 hours traveling by car
yesterday and the topic of Hotel and Motel came up.

A hotel has no exterior door from a room.

A motel your room door opens to the outside.

Hubby has worked for days to get my babies
moved from our porch to a new home.
With the heat our back porch is a
little stinky you could say!

On the left
My three 1 1/2 years old laying hens

On the right
My four 3 months old pullets
(New pen)

Next comes my fenced yard! These Girls are nosy
and hate anyone to
steal their camera time! The new black and white
speckled chickens will lay white eggs! These ladies have been good to us
and have given us eggs
every day for two years (in August)!
The reds lay jumbo brown eggs! Thank you for stopping by the
Chicken Motel!

Thank you my sweet Hubby
for making my new babies
a room of their own!

I love that guy!

Do you have chickens?
Where do they live?
Tell us about yours?