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Marti Michell Mini Quiltmania Competition

    Marti Michell Mini Quiltmania competition has begun! Anyone can enter as long as you use Marti Michell templetes! You can do it! You've got two weeks to enter so there's no excuse not to get cracking on one of these amazing mini quilts. There's 13 quilts to choose from with varying degrees of skill required for each. The thing they all have in common is that they use Marti Michell Templates to make. Simple. Want to know what you can win? Well keep reading!         Here's the complete list of all 13 quilts and where you can find their tutorials. Just pick one (or two or three or thirteen) and have a crack. ​ A Tree Quilt Mini Quilt by Rachel at Wooden Spoon Quilts: Click here for tutorial ​ There's a Bear in There Mini Quilt by Cat at Cat + Vee: Click here for tutorial ​ Rainbow Triangles by Tonya at The Crafty Mummy: Click here for tutorial ​ Coral Mini Quilt by Kristy at Bonjour Quilts: Click here for tutorial ​ Beach Boxes Mini Quilt by Peta at She Quilts