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Catch Up with In The Boon Docks

My Sew Together Bag more about it  this bag here Extra long Strap Quilt for a Foster Child one of a local family! Blocks from a free  Craftsy  class years ago, I learned a lot.  You see my first hexagons I ever made. Beautiful baby will always have a quilt. Woppet Buckets - I love this pattern and just keep making more! Clever Woppet on Instagram -  Anna Cunningham  These first (2) I made for out bathroom to hold our toiletries! This one was for the #woppetbucketswap Swapped this one for Luke Hayes’ birthday!  I got some great ornaments in return! The first one was for the #sugarplumswap!  I really recommend the pattern! Simple, versatile, and useful! The (2) stockings where fun! I’d like to make a few more if I get the time! Christmas Stockings Quilted Notions Pouch - love it but it has a lot of hand sewing! I changed the pattern a bit by sewing the zipper in with my sewing machine! Working on Halloween Couch Pillows for next year. There is more and I will try to post it this week!  I