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Happenings here in the boon docks

Happenings Here In The Boon Docks

Our daughter Ashley goes up and picks them with an apple picker.

This time of year the pears get ripe! It is a family affair if your not picking out of the tree you are picking them up off the ground.

Then of course we have to have rides for the little ones!

Our dog George and our littlest granddaughter Sarah!

Sarah does love pears, she ate almost as many as she picked up!

Our chicken coop is a fun place for the little ones who love to feed them. We have 8 chickens, raised from chicks.I have been away since March and plan to drop back in. Try to show you everything I've sewn and tips and tricks. I still have a few up my sleeve. So much going on in the world, I haven't had much to say. I do, but not to share at this time.  Focus on sewing, home, and family!Love all of you, Lisa

To Funny

Anyone for Chicken in a pot?I found this quite funny when I came out to find Thelma sitting eating my herbs and weeds. Have a great Sunday! Create and be Unique - LisaPosted with Blogsy

Chicken Motel

Welcome friends to the new and improved
Chicken Motel

My husband and I spent 6 hours traveling by car
yesterday and the topic of Hotel and Motel came up.

A hotel has no exterior door from a room.

A motel your room door opens to the outside.

Hubby has worked for days to get my babies
moved from our porch to a new home.
With the heat our back porch is a
little stinky you could say!

On the left
My three 1 1/2 years old laying hens

On the right
My four 3 months old pullets
(New pen)

Next comes my fenced yard! These Girls are nosy
and hate anyone to
steal their camera time! The new black and white
speckled chickens will lay white eggs! These ladies have been good to us
and have given us eggs
every day for two years (in August)!
The reds lay jumbo brown eggs! Thank you for stopping by the
Chicken Motel!

Thank you my sweet Hubby
for making my new babies
a room of their own!

I love that guy!

Do you have chickens?
Where do they live?
Tell us about yours?


Black Tie Boogie

Welcome Everyone!

Hi, my name is Lisa and this is were I write about living in the boonies, sewing, crafting, animals, and raising kids. I love blog hops and participate in at least one a month plus I have two sponsored giveaways each month.

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This is Madam Samm's @ Sew We Quiltlast blog hop of the year! But I am already signed up for the first one in the 2014. It really has been a great year making all kinds of creations for the blog hops! Thank you Madam Samm for being such a great coach! I would also like to thank
Vickie @ More Star's in Comanche
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Turkey's Anyone

Every year we eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Mammaw & Pappaw's house and each year we are digging through drawers for enough po…

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On the home front Spent my day rolling coins with David to buy his big birthday present! He got up this morning and told me he would count out his big penny jar so he could buy the new Disney XBox game that will be released next week. After rolling $30 in pennies everyone in the house started donating their silver coins which grew our pot to $103 rolled coins. That was a lot of change to take to GameStop to prepay for this expensive game. I called the store and ask them if we showed up with all this change my little man had counted and help roll would they take it. I didn't want him turned away at the counter. They said yes they would do it and treated him great as my husband plunked the backpack on the counter. David felt very grown up as he made his order. Thank you Ed at GameStop! We will try to have patience until it arrives.

I just love his new glasses! He is excited to wear them to school next week. T…

Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop & Giveaway

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks"! The wait is over it is finally my week in the blog hop. I have made lots of new good friends. Thank you Beth fromplume and junethis has been a great experience meeting other bloggers and learning more about being one with terrific tips and tricks from seasoned veteran of the internet. Unbelievable resources from the best. I have enjoyed the last seven weeks tremendously. Again, Thank you! So what do I blog about at "In The Boon Docks"? Everything! I will give you a little sampling of my life here! I hope you enjoy it! This beautiful buck stood maybe 30 feet away as I snapped pictures of him eating his dinner off my back porch! "Rusty" the rooster is a free ranger. He has 2 hens and 2 chicks that run our outdoor property. We have three hens that should be laying starting in August for fresh eggs! These ladies live in a hen house built for them raised from chicks by me and David. We grow a garden and help my husband'…

Country Live In The Boon Docks

Well this time of year it is hard to get much sewing done when it is harvest time. We have had so much rain here this season that the fruit trees are breaking under the strain of all the fruit. Two weeks ago we picked sour cherries and pitted and froze them. This week it is green beans. The vines are molding around the beans so it is pick them or loose them. In two days my mother and I picked three 5 gallon buckets full of green beans for my mother-in-law to can. That was only two rows of plants with lots of green beans. It is muddy hot work! It is amazing how the ones in the store all look so pretty and mine are covered in mud. But the hard part has just begun my MIL will clean and can 40 quarts before it is all done. Enough to feed two families all Winter without having to buy processed and loaded with preservatives store can beans. So it is worth every bit of effort put in by our two families.

Do you do beans?

How about Chickens?

Sometimes it is good to stock your free range…

A Winner Please Vote and Chicken Update

April Showers Blog Hop Winner

The Winner said:

tubilinha tiacarminhaApril 7, 2013 at 9:22 PM
Gosto destes tecidos sim,para colchas infantis,que é o que tenho feito,mais duas para fazer até dia dezoito,uma para o ber?o e para a cama de minha neta,que faz aniversário dia dezoito,primeiro aninho.Obrigada.

Translated she said:

tubilinha tiacarminhaApril 7, 2013 at 9:22 PM
Like these tissues rather, to quilts for children, which is what I have done, two more to make up to eighteen days, one for the crib and bed for my granddaughter, who is eighteenth birthday, first aninho.Obrigada.

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Thank you Madame SammSew We Quilt! and Erin Sew At Home Mummy for being the best cheerleaders in the world. Madame Samm is collecting funds to purchase a few sewing machines for sideline Cheerleader's. It is very easy to do through PayPal.the DONATE button is in the top righthand corner of the blog! Click Here!I gave what I could, what about you? Willing to give up y…