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Colonial Needle Giveaway and Sewing Maintence

Have you ever been sewing and your machine starts making a thunking noise? Thunk, thunk, thunk - seems like it is really having an issue sewing? You my friend have a dull needle and need to replace it. I recently took my two machines and had them clean, oiled, and adjusted for $15 a machine. A group of sewers from our library called a man and he came to the library and did machines for 3 hours one after another. We got a better deal than if we sent our machines out. A few needed parts and he took those back to his shop. Speak to your Guild about hosting a clean out! Once every couple years it is a good idea! The wonderful people at Colonial Needle sent me the new Machine NeedlePack II to try out and give one away to one of you. I really love mine to store all the different sizes I have been getting! Once I start using them I can store them in the pack by type/size! It came with great chart for choosing the correct needle for the job! The quilted fabric pack just folds up for