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ALYOF August Goal

A Lovely Year Of Finishes August 2014 I have two goals this month instead of one but they are both small! 1. Design boards 2. Finding a gift to make my cousins wife that incorporates a strip of fabric. Lori Holt's idea on Design Boards I found a YouTube video by Lori Holt on the Fat Quarter Shop youtube channel creating portable design boards. I was watching it and had one of those "why didn't I think of that moments"! You see I have no room for a design wall but definitely have for stackable boards. So goal one for August 2014 is to make a few and try them out. My second goal is to create a gift for a 45 year old woman that incorporates this strip of cat fabric! If you have any ideas I would love your imput. She doesn't sew but reads quilt often. I believe she owns a Nook. If you know of a tutorial you want to recommend leave me a link. I have thought maybe a pouch or eyeglasses case. Thank you for you help and for reading Lisa I will be linking u