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Pin It Blog Hop and a Giveaway

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks" I hope everyone is enjoying the Pin It Blog Hop! The pincushions from the hop so far are awesome. I'm a little chicken to show you my own creations! Thank you Madam Samm (The Blog Hop Queen) @ Sew We Quilt and Head Cheerleader Kristen @ Meadowbrook for arranging all the fun! Petal Last night I saw this amazing pin on Lori Holt's. bee in my bonnet . The flower is just so cute, I got up this morning and made this pincushion "Petals". I improvised a bit but I am so happy with it! Lori Holt has a great blog and is so talented! She inspires me which I think is the greatest reason to follow blogs. One idea can take you in a new direction! Hilda Hen I spent my time working on Hilda Hen and I just wasn't quite happy. I must have change her five times. I promised my Mom I would let you see her and decide for yourself. She will be moving into Mom's room after the blog hop, Hilda likes this old box to nest in. Ple