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PDF pattern bought - what next

Hi Everyone,
I am just dropping in to discuss .pdf patterns! I buy them all the time from clothes, bags, to quilts! Big ones, small ones to little itty bitty ones! I love them all and have them all backed up to the cloud! If you don’t know what a cloud is your hard drive on your computer or tablet!
1.  Depending on where you buy it from you will get the opportunity to download it as soon as you pay! Others sites might send you as email to download!  Don’t wait til later to download it.  Do it as soon as you can! Not going to use it right away, that’s ok, but download it to your storage! I say this because I use all Apple products and I download everything to iBooks!
2. Print it off for some light reading! You might find that cute bag is not as easy as you thought or you need to order interfacing, snaps, buckles, or more fabric! But read it!
3. Look at and cut out the pattern pieces and make sure they are all there! What do I mean? Well, you might find the pattern designer gave you a templ…