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Meet Friends

The point of social media is to meet new friends!  But how often do we actually go out and meet someone  we talk to daily on social media. This is my wonderful friend Leona!  I talked to her on Flickr, her blog, and Instagram for about 5 maybe 6 years.  I can honestly say it was so different to meet her in person.  It has changed that friendship into something greater.   I am so happy we went a couple of hours out of our way on vacation to met her and her son.  Best trip just for a conversation in real life and a few hugs. It will last me until next time.  When I will make a point to add her to our trip! I also caught up with a quilt shop owner and friend Karen! My sister in law took me to her shop 2 years ago while we where visiting her.  We kept up a friendship on Instagram. Karen owns Fabric Smart in Gulfport, Florida! Her shop is a Modern Quilters Dream! She has all the latest and greatest! She also has on hand everything to make clothes, bags, and all kinds of sewing projects.  Cl

Please leave a comment

Hi I am Lisa and have been blogging since 2012! The comments came to my email and I would answerones that I could and read them all.  Then one Update and they stopped coming.  It was happening to everyone and all bloggers are very displeased. Now, I think it might be fixed!  Not sure so that is where YOU come in!   Could you leave a comment saying  anything “nice” of course. Not about me but about anything you like.   Just to see if I get it.  It would be very appreciated! Here are a few pictures of what I have been doing! We drove for 2 days to get to SIL in Florida! Sign that makes you kinda scared at a rest stop Sitting in car, keeping my hands busy! Finished this buck from  Heidi Boyd  I love her kits!   They come with everything you need to make her delightful creatures.   Except the Aurifil Floss (aurifil snob) I admit it! I am doing something I never thought I would try again. Making Hexi’s, in issue 61  Love Of Patchwork and Quilting  they gave away the papers and a pattern.  

New Bloggin App

My blogging app died today!  This is a new one I am trying.  I do my blogging from an iPad!  I guess you can say this is a test! Testing Testing 1, 2 ,3 Anyone know how to size photos in Blog Touch Pro? So please excuse my extra large photo at the moment of Juliet Van Der Heiden new book which just came out!  She makes the most amazing foundation paper piecing patterns!  If you love FPP you will want this one! Thank you for struggling through this with me.  With a lot of work I will figure this out! 

Traveling Stash Pass It On Giveaway

The Pass It on Traveling Stash Box is jam packed with fabric, patterns, and notions! The best part is opening the box and finding so much stuff with the feeling you could remove everything and repack it with any thing you want for the next person. Only problem with that is it could be quite "costly", a whole lot of things fit into this box. So, my cousin and I careful looked at each item, which was fun. Their family came for Thanksgiving and deer season. Which means our husbands and kids where all out hunting when this box arrived the day after Thanksgiving. This was in the box! Yippee! I really love this stash box concept! I fell hard for these things! And this pattern - not the kid's mess on the table! I am adding these patterns and notions to the box! I pulled these fabrics from my stash to replace the stash I wanted to take out. Urban Farm - Short Stack by Keri Beyer, In the Beginning Fabrics; 9 quarter yard cuts (2 1/4 yards), Pink Polka Dots - 1 yard, (2)


I got up this morning and decided I wanted to share my last 4 long stem roses for the season! 15 years ago, I was offered the bushes from a new homeowner who didn't want to care for a rose garden. When she bought the house the past owner had told her they were over 50 years old and had come from Massachusetts. Then 7 years ago, when we were selling our home in Virginia I dug them up again and planted them "In The Boon Dock", were they grow very happily and pretty wildly. I should take better care of the bushes besides cutting them back once a year to 12" to 14" high for Winter. The bushes were well over 7 feet yesterday when I cut them back! My next question was how to photograph them best. So you might enjoy them too! First I started out in the kitchen with one a piece of fabric and the flowers. Needs more color! As you can see the lighting caused shadows! Indoors, the colors get dulled! Bad lighting can really turn something beautiful into something bla