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Black Tie Boogie Winner

We have a winner! Sowing Stitches November 25, 2013 at 7:33 AM I'm with Abbigail, love the table hot pad! And your disclaimer on the money option made me smile....therefore, I want the house next door that has been on the market for 8 years!!! To be able to turn into my sewing/quilting/painting studio fully stocked with awesome supplies!! :) What's the point of dreaming if you can't dream big! :) Congratulation Sowing Stitches! Big dreams are great! I have already sent you an email! I choose to use Random.Org to pick winners! Thank you all for entering giveaways and reading "In The Boon Docks"! I may not be able to respond to each comment but I read and appreciate every one of them! Keep them coming and I'll keep up the giveaways! My way of saying "Thank You"! Stay tuned for another giveaway later today! Create and be unique! Lisa

Black Tie Boogie

Welcome Everyone! Hi, my name is Lisa and this is were I write about living in the boonies, sewing, crafting, animals, and raising kids. I love blog hops and participate in at least one a month plus I have two sponsored giveaways each month. If you are new, a follower, part of this hop, or part of the Giving Thanks Blog Hop thank you for stopping by to look around! I would like to invite new readers to follow so you always know what's happening at "In The Boon Docks"! This is Madam Samm's @ Sew We Quilt last blog hop of the year! But I am already signed up for the first one in the 2014. It really has been a great year making all kinds of creations for the blog hops! Thank you Madam Samm for being such a great coach! I would also like to thank Vickie @ More Star's in Comanch e for being our head cheerleader for this hop! Turkey's Anyone Every year we eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Mammaw & Pappaw's house and each year we are digging through draw

What is up in the boon docks

Hello welcome to In The Boon Docks Things have been a little busy around here and I still cannot talk about it for a few more days. I have created something can you guess? Craftsy has a new class I signed up for late last night. Camille Roskelley - Playful Piecing Techniques ! You get 4 downloadable patterns! I like Craftsy courses because I can watch a little, do a project in the course, and then come back weeks later and step back in where I left off. I love Camille's Swoon pattern and her book Simply Retro. I will share what I learn. If anyone signs up let me know and we can have a little show! Sew We Quilt t Blog Hops In November, I am participating in both of these hops and I have some great giveaways coming your way! I hope you will join me for a little fun! The big Halloween dance is Friday night! My husband and I always like to go to what the kids come up with each year and see the latest dance moves! Our guy is ready to dance all night to bad it ends at 8:00 p