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Fruitcake Friend

Thearica @ Pig Tales and Quilts makes a tasty fruitcake! My mother is 70 years old and came to live with us, 8 years ago, when we moved to our isolated home in West Virginia to help us raise David. I was so sick in those days I think a big part was to help care for me. One of the things I learned was she loved fruitcake and prior to living with us would hunt around in the city at Christmas time for just the right blend of all those delicious ingredients and buy just the right one to enjoy through the holidays. I make it my mission each year to get her one as a small gift to thank her for all she does for our family. When Thearica was giving away fruitcake as a giveaway all I could think of was I had to win. Sadly, I did not but she is so sweet she sent me one anyways. Yesterday, when the mail-woman showed up with a box marked perishable marked on the outside my Mom was quite interested in what might be inside. I said "I don't know, why don't you open it"! Wh